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Semester Schedule

The schedule below is most definitely subject to change as the semester progresses. Check back often.

Week Color Topic Reading Materials
08/25/20 Red Introduction to course and Python    
09/01/20 Blue Basics of Programming    
09/08/20 Red Control Structures    
09/15/20 Blue Control Structures; Files    
09/22/20 Red Functions    
09/29/20 Blue Functions    
10/06/20 Red Built-in Data Structures    
10/13/20 Blue Built-in Data Structures    
10/20/20 Red Getting into Data Science; Jupyter NB    
10/27/20 Blue Pandas + Data Cleaning    
11/04/20 Red Visualization w/ MatPlotLib    
11/10/20 Blue Intro to Machine Learning    
11/17/20 Red Intro to Machine Learning    
11/23/20 Blue OOP in Python    
11/30/20 Virt OOP in Python